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Set Phasers to Feline: ‘Star Trek Cats’ Has Beamed Up

Set Phasers to Feline: ‘Star Trek Cats’ Has Beamed Up

Combining two great nerdy things, the world brings us ‘Star Trek Cats’! Read More


Boldly Go With Diamond Select Toys

If you’ve set foot in a comic shop or fan convention in, say, the last decade or so, chances are some of the great collectables from Diamond Select Toys have caught your eye. Though likely best known for its Marvel … Read More

Announcing Our ThinkGeek Star Trek Pizza Cutter Giveaway!

Thanks to ThinkGeek, we have a new giveaway this week! For those who can’t get enough Star Trek memorabilia they have another fantastic item that is as useful as it is decorative. The officially licensed ThinkGeek Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter is the Enterprise NC-1701, from the original series. It has a laser etched stainless… Read More