A Star Trek Google Doodle Marks the Launch of an Enterprise


Image: Google.com

When Star Trek premiered 46 years ago tomorrow, September 8 — and yes, I was there watching the very first episode! — the thought that we might one day have computers in our own homes that gave us access to information and entertainment from around the world was as far-fetched as a first officer with pointy ears.

So as someone who grew up with a life-size poster of Spock on my wall and his face embroidered on my denim shoulder bag, and who now spends her time looking stuff up (no, it’s for work, really!) on her desktop/laptop/netbook/smartphone pretty much all day long, I am incredibly thrilled to find that Google has chosen to honor the anniversary of the first Star Trek episode with an animated Doodle that surpasses them all.

This elaborate Doodle — with the letters of Google’s logo cosplaying as the crew of The Original Series — is a tiny little Star Trek episode all its own. Click on the helm to hear some distinctive Star Trek effects, then follow the red-shirted “e” on a quick adventure with the resourceful, dashing Kirk-like captain. StarTrek.com has an interview with Google’s Ryan Germick on how the Doodle came to be.

Well done, Google! And thanks to Star Trek for continuing to surprise and delight us for 46 years. May you live long and prosper!

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