NYC Toy Fair 08: Vomit Crystals and Gross Anatomy

Geek Culture

Phillip Torrone over at MAKE wangled a pass to the NYC Toy Fair this year. If you gauge by his recent updates, there’s a passion for things that go URK! among the toy cognoscenti.

First, we’re treated to news about Kristal’s kits for growing beautiful crystal formations in just days. Sounds great. Looks wonderful. Then Phillip pops out a little by-the-by:

Oh, they also told me that the crystals are made from the same stuff that (at the most) just makes your vomit, so they’re non-toxic.

Barf crystals. Just what every small child needs! Moving on, our intrepid reporter finds kits designed to enable your geeklet to create "a gross lifesize [sic] heart" and "a hacked off finger." Yum!


Phillip’s apparent attraction to emesis-inducement notwithstanding, this is some cool stuff for the "gross is cool" geeklets. What better way to introduce science than by pointing out to little Johnny that he can make Mommy cringe with his edible brain and eyeballs? All this leaves me with just one question.

Where was all this when I was a kid?

(via MAKE)

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