How To Be A Stealth GeekDad

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Here’s one for the GeekDad who is told "sure, you can wire the house with your gigabat etherwhatsie, dear, just as long as no one can see it."  They’re spacers designed to let you hide your cabling behind regular crown molding.

WireTracks CM kits turn regular crown molding into removable wiring channels that you can use to hide low voltage or electrical cables (check your local codes). They can be used for simple jobs such as getting wiring from the front of a home theater to the back. Or, they can be installed throughout a building to give building owners the ability to run wiring between any two points that are linked by connected walls. And because crown molding is installed above doorframes, it is easy to get uninterrupted coverage of an entire floor.

Alas, I don’t have the ceilings to make this kind of thing work, but if I did…

Link to the manufacturer’s websiteSpotted on Make.

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