Acquisitions Incorporated the Special

‘Acquisitions Incorporated: The Holiday Special’

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Acquisitions Incorporated the Special

Well, this was a surprise. The Acquisitions Inc. team regulars all got together during the holidays to give us another three hours of their Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying shenanigans, available for viewing on Amazon. It is free for Amazon Prime members, and $4.99 for everyone else.

Acquisitions Incorporated began in 2007 as podcasts and has expanded into live shows at various PAX events, as well as a web series. All prior episodes are available in this playlist on YouTube. I have not delved into this episode yet, but I plan to spend my next three hours enjoying another action-packed, gut-busting episode in this ongoing story. Who would have thought watching five dudes sitting around a table rolling dice could be so entertaining?

Links to Amazon for non-USA regions can be found in the Penny Arcade post announcing the special. Note, also, that these podcasts are typically NSFW and feature, as Jerry Holkins says at the beginning of most episodes, “adults, using adult language.”

Acquisitions Inc at the Table
The team is at it again for another three hours of entertaining tabletop gaming! Screen capture from the Acquisitions Incorporated Holiday Special.
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