Family Gamer TV Tackles Limbo and Flower

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This week we meet new family on Family Gamer TV. Tobi, Mary and their three kids have never owned a videogame console. As the sun sets on our San Francisco trip Tobi talks about playing Limbo, Flower and Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure.

I also take some time to look ahead to Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 on 3DS and the second wave Kinect titles Dance Central 2, Disneyland Adventures and Kinect Star Wars.

I’ve often been warned off putting new players in front of unusual games like Limbo and Flower. The consensus seems to be that they should start with family friendly games like Just Dance and Boom Blox. While I appreciate the sense in that sentiment, many of these family friendly games are actually very confusing for a grown-up new to gaming.

Recently I’ve been having some really interesting conversations with people new to gaming who I’ve got to play Limbo and Flower. For me these games are a much more interesting place for an adult to start, and offer a more meaningful experience without the clutter of other titles.

When I had the chance to have Tobi and his family on FGTV I thought I would try this approach out on him. You can judge for yourself in this episode, but I think it worked pretty well. We also talk about the following games:

This episode was the second of our San Francisco trip, but next time we’ll be back at home (and should have improved sound and picture quality for you). We’ll also be carrying on our Family Gamer Surgery questions, so if you have anything you think we should answer do drop us a line.

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