Daily #DadJoke for February 01, 2015

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Daily #DadJoke for February 01, 2015:

pun20150201Last evening, I hardly slept at all, as I dreamt that I was writing The Hobbit and The Silmarillion.

Apparently, I am tolkien in my sleep.

Did you enjoy the pun above, or at least roll your eyes and smile a little? Here at GeekDad, we are trying a little something new that’s really something classic: Dad Jokes. Each day, we are going to post a new eye-rolling, groan-inspiring piece of humor to help Dads improve their arsenal.

The best part? You can help!

Have a great joke that you would like to see in print (complete with a “submitted by your name here” shout-out)? Send it in to GeekDadJokes! While we can’t promise everything gets published, I do know that I can’t write these all myself.

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