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Every geek has that one treasure in their collection that stands out above the rest. While most of us don’t have a forgotten comic book cache worth millions of dollars hiding in a basement, we do have geeky things that we consider invaluable.

Last year GeekMom Ellen told you about her geeky treasures; read on for a list of what the rest of us GeekMoms covet, and tell us about the crown jewel of your geek collection in the comments over at GeekMom!

Melissa: My Marriage Proposal

Mine is easy. Would have to be my marriage proposal from my husband Scott — a two-page Batman/Catwoman mini-comic penciled by Mike Parobeck. I shrieked. And said yes. 🙂 [Editor’s note: Melissa’s husband is longtime DC editor and writer Scott Peterson.]

Worst pic ever?Worst pic ever?

Kelly and Mark Hamill / Photo: Kelly Knox

Kelly: Photo with Mark Hamill

One year I was lucky enough to attend the San Diego Comic-Con, and even luckier to go to my company’s party near the convention center. I spotted Mark Hamill walk in to the venue, and I just about passed out. My friend walked up to Mark, steered him in my direction, and said, “Mark! Long time no see! I have someone I want you to meet.” (Did he know Mark Hamill? Nope. Best strategy ever.)

Luke Skywalker, er, Mark Hamill gamely walked over and shook my hand, and stood for 10 seconds to pose for a picture. You can see in the photo that I was so awestruck that I took a terrible picture. I was in the middle of saying. “Nice to meet y-” and click! Mark made a break for it before I could ask for a do-over. Ah, well, he’s still in that picture with me!

Runner-Up: My Batman poster signed by Jim Lee. He added a quick Catwoman sketch, too — love it.

Read the rest of the GeekMoms’ most prized geeky possessions and share your own at GeekMom.

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