Fill Out Your 2012 Geek Tournament Brackets

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It’s bracket season!

Transformer Generation Dad, a dad blogger, started his own Geek Tournament last year, which Lego won, beating out Lord of the Rings in the final showdown. Of course, that was before we discovered that Lego and Lord of the Rings are, in fact, on the same team.

This year, he’s changed up the tournament a little. He has four brackets, with the following categories: Universe, Ship, Captain, Crew. At the end of the tournament, he’ll have something like Mal Reynolds piloting the Starship Enterprise with Chewbacca at his side through space and time. Or maybe we’ll get Jean Luc-Picard steering the Heart of Gold with Fry and Bender … in the Matrix.

At any rate, you can get your brackets at the Transformer Generation Dad website. Fill them out and send them in, and you could win a Cobra iRadar (for Android or iPhone). Voting begins March 4, and details are available at the website as well.

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