More Awesome Lego Batman 2 Villain Reveals

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I love these renderings from Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, showing bad guys Bane, the Riddler, and Two Face! Over the next few weeks we’ll be posting exclusive villain shots from the game. Stay tuned for more baddies!

Click through to see them.

Real Name: Unknown
Base: Gotham City
Special Powers and Abilities: A brilliant strategist with near superhuman strength because of the drug Venom which he mainlines into his system via tubing in his helmet.
In-Game Abilities: Super-strength and immunity to toxic material or hazards.

The Riddler
Real Name: Edward Nigma
Base: Gotham City
Special Powers and Abilities: Brilliant in his own twisted way, but a poor hand-to-hand fighter; his addiction to leaving “enigmatic” clues to his crimes for Batman always proves his undoing.
In-Game Abilities: Throughout Gotham City are hidden boxes which only The Riddler knows the secret to opening.

Two Face
Real Name: Harvey Dent
Base: Gotham City
Special Powers and Abilities: A criminal genius, whose crimes reveal an obsession with duality and the number two. An average combatant, capable of untamed mayhem.
In-Game Abilities: Dual pistols allow Two-Face to fire a barrage of bullets at his target. He’s also been seen leaving a path of destruction around Gotham City on his custom truck.

Sources: DC Comics

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