Spooky Apples — In Which Suzanne Has an Obsessive Mommy Moment

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Picture from mattbites.com

The tot has a peanut allergy and her school has a policy where if they even think it could have peanuts (which oddly enough includes movie theater popcorn) they won’t let the kids with allergies have it. Which is good … except that they don’t give the allergy kids anything else. I’m new to the allergy thing and not as savvy about grilling the other parents and having an eternal stash of “okay-to-eat” treats at her school.

After having her come home crying several times because everyone got a cupcake (or popcorn or pie) and she got *nothing,* I decided to be more pro-active and sign up more to bring things.

So, when the sign-ups came for the Halloween party last year I signed up for baked goods. I was going to make brownies from a box, frosted with frosting in a can, and some nice Halloween sprinkles.

Then I saw the recipe for Adam’s Scary Apples.

Pretty, huh?

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