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Ring of GerdRing of Gerd

Ring of Gerd proposal card.

For Valentine’s Day, we bring you this romantic geeky story, made possible by Ascension and Gary Games.

Alan Gerding and his girlfriend, Crystol Shelton, both love playing Ascension. So when Gerding decided to propose to Shelton, he found a way to incorporate the game into the deal. He contacted Gary Games, asking if they could help, and they were happy to, even going as far as creating a custom “Ring of Gerd” card with Gerding and Shelton portrayed as Lifebound heroes by the game’s artist Eric Sabee.

They sent Gerding an early copy of the Storm of Souls expansion, which he pretended was an early review copy … until the card appeared. He caught the proposal on video (you may want to skip over the middle section when all Shelton can say is “Ohmigod!” over and over) and it’s a lot of fun to see that everything came together. I particularly like Gerding’s remark that Shelton seems to be more impressed by the card than the ring.

Gary Games is making a slightly different version of the Ring of Gerd card available at their game promo days — though the name “Gerd” may represent something altogether different for folks who don’t know Alan’s last name.

Best of luck to Alan and Crystol, and Happy Valentine’s Day to geeks everywhere!

For the video and an image of the playable Ring of Gerd card, head to the Ascension website.

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