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Top 10 Dungeons & Dragons Gifts

Dungeons & Dragons couldn’t be hotter right now, and is anyone really surprised? What better way to escape the trials, terrors, and traumas of 21st century life than by immersing yourself in a fantastical world where you can become the hero that makes real change in the world. And what’s even better than that? Sharing the adventure with someone you love.

So here are our top 10 gifts for 2019 for that special Dungeons & Dragons player in your life.

Metal Dice

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Blacksmith Metal Craft Dice
These awesome metal dice are exactly what every Dungeons & Dragons players needs. Even if they don’t know it yet. The tactile feel of rolling metal dice and hearing the heavy, satisfying “clunk” of the D20 hitting a tabletop is second to none.

Very Big Dice Bag

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CardKingPro Immense Dice Bags

If they have dice, then they have lots of dice. So where are they going to store them all? Why not in one of these Immense Dice Bags from CardKingPro. They hold up to 150 dice and each bag has seven stitched individual compartments to ensure your D4s stay separate from your D12s. Because you wouldn’t want them touching, right?

Latest Official Campaign Book – Descent Into Avernus


Baldur’s Gate: Descent Into Avernus

The latest campaign from WotC sees adventurers literally going to Hell. One of the more dangerous and off the wall adventures for 5th edition, Descent Into Avernus is an exciting story that will test players’ mettle against devious devils, dastardly demons, and a talking, flying elephant that thinks it’s an angel. See the full review of Descent into Avernus here—or better yet, buy the adventure for a budding Dungeon Master and have them take you there.

Icons of the Realms Booster

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$104.99 for the Brick

Baldur’s Gate: Descent Into Avernus, Booster Brick

It’s a fact, players can never have enough dice and Dungeons Masters can never have enough minis. Each Icons of the Realms booster comes with four minis, and there are eight boosters in a brick. That’s 32 brand new Dungeons & Dragons mini figures to terrify players. The latest generation of monsters are designed to go alongside Descent Into Avernus and features demons, devils, angels, and more hellish monsters than even the most pious of paladins will want to face.

Dungeon Mayhem Expansion

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Dungeon Mayhem: Battle for Baldur’s Gate

The sequel to the hugely popular Dungeon Mayhem, Battle for Baldur’s Gate builds on the turn-based card game for 2-4 players by adding in two new classes to the mix. Play as the inimitable Minsc the ranger with his trusty giant space hamster Bo. Or take on Jaheira the shapeshifitng druid. This expansion can be played with or without the original game, and for a more in depth review click here.

Critical Role Chibi Badges

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Mighty Nein Pin Badges

If they love Dungeons & Dragons, it may well be that they also love Critical Role. That’s certainly true for me, and at least 100,000 other people. If that’s true for your special someone, then they’d certainly be happy to receive one of these individual Chibi pins of season two’s heroes, the Mighty Nein. Designed by Jenny Park, each pin is a loving homage to Critical Role‘s latest adventurers. You just need to work out which one is your loved one’s favorite. I’d go for Caleb. Or maybe Fjord. No wait, it’s Beau.

Stat Block Mug

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D&D Stats Mug

When you’re playing Dungeons & Dragons it’s important to stay hydrated. This mug is sure to help your loved one do just that. A rare legendary item, it has the special ability that turns any liquid poured into it into an elixir from the gods, granting a +4 to all wisdom-based saving throws. It’s also really cool.

D&D Tees

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T-Shirts: Dungeons and Cats

You can get all kinds of Dungeons & Dragons apparel, from tees to ties and from socks to saucepans, but this is our current favorite design. Because who doesn’t love cats?

Condition Markers

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Rainbow Acrylic Condition Rings

Any Dungeon Master can tell you about the difficulty of keeping track of which creature has what condition. The ranger is cursed, the dragon is asleep, the goblin has measles—the list goes on. So what better way to help them out than by using some 3-D printed condition markers? You can get all sorts of condition markers from lots of places; Etsy.com is always a good place to start, but, so far the best ones we’ve seen are these ones from Chest and Trove.

ABCs of D&D / 123s of D&D

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ABCs of D&D

123s of D&D

People often ask me, “At what age should I introduce my children to Dungeons & Dragons?” Of course the answer is, “Immediately, as soon as they exist. If not before.” So to help with this, there are these two fantastic books: the ABCs of D&D and the 123s of D&D. Maybe my son doesn’t fully understand the complexities of the encumbrance rules, and perhaps he can’t work out exactly how high a character can jump if their strength score is 15 and they have the athlete feature. But he certainly does know a beholder when he sees one, and he’ll be able to count pretty soon, but only in units of owlbear. Which I don’t think is covered in the national curriculum.

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He might not be old enough to adventure, but my son loved learning the ABCs of D&D
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