Quick and Easy Tentacle Breadsticks [GeekMom]

Hacking the Holidays
Photo and original story by Lisa Tate on GeekMom.com

Looking for a last-minute addition to the Halloween party spread this year? Make these easy tentacle snacks using only packaged croissant or breadstick dough.

Divide each pre-cut triangle of packaged croissant dough lengthwise down the center. Leave a couple whole for bigger tentacles. If using breadsticks, cut each stick into three shorter sections.

Roll the triangle together, so they taper off at one end, like long, wormy cone. Using the back of a cake decorating tip, a pen cap, or other small round item, make several small “suckers” down the length of the tentacle.

Place on a cookie sheet and bake according to the package. I baked these at 350°F for 12 minutes. Halfway through baking, carefully go back over the “sucker” holes with the decorating tip to keep the design visible.

Once done, arrange them in a black cauldron-shaped pot, to appear as if they are crawling out of their potion. Serve them with assorted vegetables and marinara sauce, spinach dip, or guacamole.

Try this idea with sugar cookie dough, fruit, and sweet cream cheese spread for a dessert option.

You can also bake them ahead of time, and store them in a zip lock bag for later, creepy snacking.

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