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For Christmas I was lucky enough to receive several gift cards for our buddies over at What did I buy, you ask? Portal paraphernalia! has the largest selection of my and my son’s favorite two-player action puzzle game I have yet to find anywhere.

I picked up the Plush Portal 2 Turret and the smaller version in the desktop LED flashlight variety. The Portal 2 Plush Turret means serious business. It has the lit up ‘eye’ on the front, a motion detector, vibrates to simulate machine gun fire and talks! When it senses motion it talks, fires, and vibrates. If you can manage to knock it over, it will shut it down – just like in the game! This is a must have addition to anyone who enjoys the games or anyone who is Aperture-approved. Use it to guard your cubicle, bedroom, secret hideout or use it much like Santa’s own Delivery System.

The other gadget I picked up was the Portal Turret LED Flashlight with Sound – Standing just 3″ tall, this intricately detailed replica will light your way with a red LED beam, emanating from the Turret’s eye. It also says phrases from the game when you press a button on the side, much like any other talking toy. This makes a great desktop toy to keep you entertained and look cool on your desk, but it is not really designed to be carried around and actually used or played with. The legs are a bit thin, which is great for holding it up realistically but not for activity.

If my two purchases are not perfect for your Portal craze, click here to see some other items that offers.

My next purchase has got to be the Portal 2 Aperture iPad Sleeve. I know I already have too many iPad accessories, but this thing looks awesome! Take a look for yourself here.

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