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‘LEGO Dimensions’: Just Take My Money Already

‘LEGO Dimensions’: Just Take My Money Already

‘LEGO Dimensions’ is my greatest weakness. And after interviewing Doug Heder about the latest Wave, I may as well hand over my bank account details right now. Read More


The GeekDad Guide to Geeky Ties

The GeekDad Guide to Geeky Ties

Geekdads aren’t like other dads. By our very nature we’re passionate about our interests and like to show them off whenever we can—and that means when it comes to neckwear, we like our ties geeky.

Necktie Icons by by Michela Tannoia from the Noun Project. CC BY 3.0.
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Behind the Monkey — Timmy’s Story

In Orlando, it’s a mouse who runs all the shots. At ThinkGeek’s headquarters in Virginia, it’s a monkey named Timmy. Since August 13th, 1999, he’s been codemonkey and pretty much calls the shots around the office. Anyone who dares to disobey him better be prepared to take a shower…because poo will be flung. As the company mascot and overload, Timmy is a monkey of many sides, most of them geeky in nature. Read More

Best Mashup Ever: Super Mario + Portal = Mari0

Last fall, word started to spread of Mari0, a mashup of Portal and the original Super Mario Brothers. Now it’s a reality. Mario gets a portal gun and the game mechanics from Portal with four-player co-op in a scratch recreation of the Super Mario worlds. And if that’s not enough, you can download extra map… Read More

Through the Portal With ThinkGeek

For Christmas I was lucky enough to receive several gift cards for our buddies over at ThinkGeek.com. What did I buy, you ask? Portal paraphernalia! Thinkgeek.com has the largest selection of my and my son’s favorite two-player action puzzle game … Read More