An Evening With Dr. Demento (GeekDad Weekly Rewind)


Dr. Demento at Reed College. Photo: Jonathan LiuDr. Demento at Reed College. Photo: Jonathan Liu

Dr. Demento speaks at Reed College in Portland, Ore.Photo: Jonathan Liu/

Last weekend I discovered at the last minute that Barret Hansen — aka “Dr. Demento” — was going to be in town. He’s an alum of Reed College in Portland, Ore., and apparently makes frequent appearances there to give talks. This time around he gave three talks: one about the Beatles and their influences, one about protest songs and the last one on his greatest hits. I missed the first two, but was able to attend the last lecture, on the subject Dr. Demento is best known for: the wacky and weird songs that make up The Dr. Demento Show.

While reading about a lecture certainly isn’t the same as being there, I’ll try to give you at least a taste of it. Dr. Demento’s talk was punctuated with audio clips and videos, so through the magic of the internet you can experience some of the same things I did.

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