GeekDad Puzzle of the Week Solution: Anagram Headlines

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Congratulations to everyone that sent in a reply to Monday’s anagrammatic brain bender. Here’s the puzzle as posted:

Max Porter, the Roving Reporter, was just reprimanded by his editor for having too many spelling mistakes in his stories. While they weren’t technically misspelled words, Max fell prey to the most insidious of “spellcheck” errors — mistyping one word in a way that actually makes another word! His punishment for this misdeed is that he has to provide snappy headlines for the upcoming stories to be published in the Local Section. There is, however, a catch: to keep his job as Roving Reporter, Max Porter has to create headlines for each story comprised entirely of sets of anagrams!

Anagram Text ConversationAnagram Text Conversation

Max’s editor has provided the old, boring headline for each story, and has provided the number of words he wants in each headline as well as the number of letters in each word. As shown above, every word in a given headline has to be an anagram of everyother word in that headline!

List of Stories:
“Army E-5 Improves Chemical Ingredients of Those Who Oppose Him” (4 words, 8 letters each)
“Garnish Negotiates Outfielders’ Video Repeats” (4 words, 7 letters each)
“Painter Thomas Eakins Vends Higher-Sodium Marlins” (4 words, 7 letters each)
“Singer Britney Analyzes Dispersed Turkish Currency (1/20 kuru)” (4 words, 6 letters each)
“Graphical Elements of the Most Nimble Chaplains Still Remain” (4 words, 6 letters each)
“Most Hardcore BBS Conversations Were Hard on Harsh Prejudices” (4 words, 7 letters each)
“Outlet Seller Brings Forth Decreases in Price” (3 words, 10 letters each)
“Hark: Non-Speaking Narrow Bodies of Water Made From Holiday Metal Shards Join Armed Services” (5 words, 6 letters each)

Fortunately, with your help, Max Porter, Roving Reporter, was able to keep his job after submitting the new headlines below:

“Sergeant Greatens Negaters’ Reagents”
“Parsley Parleys Players’ Replays”
“Realist Retails Saltier Tailers”
“Spears Parses Sparse Aspers”
“Spriest Priests’ Sprites Persist”
“Hardest Threads Trashed Hatreds”
“Discounter Introduces Reductions”
“Listen Silent Tinsel Inlets Enlist”

Congratulations to everyone that posted a solution. Most GeekDads that posted a solution drew attention to Max’s Editor’s inability to count letters correctly, as seen in the 5th story and its new headline.

Special congratulations to Gary Gathright, who presented one of many correct solutions. Gary will soon be the proud owner of a $50 ThinkGeek gift certificate. Everyone else that submitted a solution, or has simply scrolled down this far in the post, can save $10 off a $50 order at ThinkGeek by using the coupon code GEEKDAD21FK.

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