Another Geeky Marriage Proposal, the Bruce Campbell Way

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So it turns out that the awesomely geeky marriage proposal that I posted a video of four days ago had some competition even for the geekiest marriage proposal at Wizard World Chicago Comic Con 2011. This one didn’t save its geeky twist for the end like the other one, seeing as how this one took place during a Q & A session with none other than GeekDad favorite Bruce Campbell.

Here’s the video, cued up to the point where Campbell calls the unsuspecting woman up on stage — the proposal itself happens about two and a half minutes later. If you’ve got the time, I highly recommend rewinding the video to the beginning and watching the whole Q & A section, as it’s very entertaining to anyone who appreciates Campbell’s style.

Note: The video contains some mild profanity, so may not be suitable for work or for young ears.

If you haven’t seen the previous video yet, you really should — it’s only 40 seconds long, after all.

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