Make: Live Brings Tinkerers to your Laptop

Reading Time: 1 minute

So I’m a contributing writer with Make Magazine and Make: Online, and I wanted to share something that the blog is doing that is really neat — Make: Live. Every other Wednesday, my colleagues Becky and Matt are hosting a live 30-minute show were they’ll talk about makery stuff and interviewing hackers and tinkerers via Skype. In Episode One they talked to Steve Hoefer who created the “secret knock” gumball machine that only dispenses if you trigger its piezo sensor with a “shave-and-a-haircut” rap of your knuckles. Also interviewed is our colleague Collin Cunningham who created the MidiVox shield, which adds midi functionality to an Arduino.

The show is carried on Ustream, which lets you chat with the participants and even ask them questions live. Check it out!

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