Create Your Own Snap-Together Plastic Models

Last week I had the opportunity to conduct a camp titled Beginning Electronics and Robot Building (BERB) to a group of 21 kids, ages 8 to 12. It went great, and I’ll be holding the camp again for another group in late July. In addition to learning some basic electronics skills (such as soldering and breadboarding), the kids also got to build a full-fledged Arduino-based robot that they took home. It was a great week, and it also gave me an opportunity to introduce the kids to some other concepts and tools, including 3D printing.

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Year of Maker

Countdown To Maker Faire 2014 — Get Prepared

Just a few more days… and it’s Maker Faire Time! I know a lot of geek dads and moms make the trek each year to attend what is called The Greatest Show (And Tell) On Earth, and there’s are solid reasons for it. Two days of open-mouthed staring and double-takes. Two days of access to experts (self-taught and otherwise), makers, inventors, tinkerers, dreamers, builders, hackers, and hobbyists. Two days of sightseeing, hands-on activities, and pure surprises.

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Atlanta Mini Maker Faire

The Atlanta Mini Maker Faire 2013 Wrap-Up

The worst thing about the Atlanta Mini Maker Faire… is that it only happens once a year. The event was held at Georgia Tech on the Tech Green, a football field-sized area right in the heart of the campus. Booths were setup around the perimeter, with the big green grassy area open for kids to run and catch frisbees being flung from a robot and launch their handmade paper rockets. There were 3D printers galore, robots, artists, homeschooler groups, hackerspaces, inventors, hobbyists, and much more.

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A Big Congratulations to GeekDad’s Ken Denmead!

Ken Denmead invited me to join the GeekDad crew almost two years ago, and since then I’ve met him in person twice (I’m in Georgia, he’s in California), both times at Maker Faire in San Francisco. Ken was manning the GeekDad booth in May 2011 and May 2012, and it just seemed to be an appropriate venue to meet the leader of this great group of folks with which I get to work and play on a regular basis… a gathering of DIYers, makers, tinkerers, and all-around smart people.

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The Maker Culture is Reinventing Detroit

To be sure, Detroit faces uphill challenges as it fights poverty, unemployment, and a shrinking population after the massive downsizing of the auto industry. In the media, we all see Detroit’s vast vacant factories, poor schools, and despondent people. Sadly, these stories become Detroit’s story. However, they are just some of Detroit’s stories. They do […]

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