Comic-Con Round-Up: For Kids


Lark Pien at Comic-ConLark Pien at Comic-Con

My daughter poses with Lark Pien at Comic-Con

Since there’s simply so much stuff I collected at Comic-Con (freebies and samples, review copies, books I actually purchased…) I thought I’d group some reviews together for easier browsing. This edition: kids’ stuff! Most of these are things that are appropriate for young kids, things that I let my six-year-old read (and some of them, my three-year-old), but many of them are great for older readers too.

Here are some of my favorites:

Robot Dreams

Steam Crow

Bone: Tall Tales

Don’t Eat Any Bugs

Postage Stamp Funnies

Long Tail Kitty


Have a look, and stay tuned for more stuff for tweens and adults!

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