Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters Now Available on iTunes

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters was one of the movies to watch for, spiked out by GeekDad’s Doug Cornelius in his Guide to This Summer’s Movies. It got a pretty stellar review from GeekMom’s Amy Kraft. You can buy it on DVD and Blu-Ray starting December 17th, but if you want to get a viewing in before Monday or you just want to skip the madness of malls and holiday shopping crowds altogether, it’s available as a digital download now on Apple’s iTunes.

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New Monster

GeekDad Retro Toy: Mighty Men & Monster Maker

Tomy’s Mighty Men & Monster Maker consists of 18 tiles with raised lines on them — 6 heads, 6 upper torso, and 6 lower body. Most of the tiles are double-sided, so you’ll find a vampire’s head on one side, for example, and on the flipside a reptilian, Gorn-like monster head. Torsos include a superhero body breaking chains and a four-armed alien torso among others. Lower body examples include a pair of mummy-wrapped legs all the way to an upright-walking, pants-wearing pair of ape legs.

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Monsters University Director Dan Scanlon on the Making of a Pixar Prequel

It’s really, really hard not to be jealous of Dan Scanlon. He’s been working at Pixar since joining as a storyboard artist back in 2001 — the year Monsters, Inc. came out — and has now directed his first full-length feature film for the company. Of course, as envious a job as his is, it wouldn’t be a job if it weren’t difficult. On my visit to Pixar last month, Scanlon told me and a bunch of other bloggers about the process of making the film.

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Catacombs components

Flickin’ Awesome: Catacombs and Knights of Crylail

There’s something inexplicably fun about flicking wooden discs across a table. If you’ve played dexterity games like Crokinole or PitchCar you’ll know what I’m talking about. All the planning and strategy in the world won’t save you if you’ve simply got bad aim. On the other hand, just having good aim isn’t enough if you don’t know what you’re shooting for.

Here are two games I’ve discovered recently that put your flicking finger to work, and they’re both terrific: Catacombs is an RPG-style dungeon crawl and Knights of Crylail is a simpler shuffleboard-inspired game.

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