Get Your Baby Bestiary 2015 Cute Monster Calendar on Sale

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You may recall last month when we brought you the awesome Baby Bestiary calendar from our sponsor, Metal Weave Designs:

Even the vilest beast was once an adorable baby, and with the Baby Bestiary you can easily bring them both to your table and your wall. Allow your players, for once, not to kill the monsters, but rather enjoy their cuteness. The Baby Bestiary Calendar features twelve adorable baby beasts, RPG-related holidays and monthly GM challenges. You can be a proud geek by hanging this calendar at home, work, and at the gaming table.

Well, the calendar is now on sale for a limited time. For just a sawbuck – ten thin American dollars – you can bring these adorable little monsters into your home.

Purchase the calendar hereĀ for just $9.99.

Or on Amazon!

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