Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters Now Available on iTunes

Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters digital release
Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters now on iTunes

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters was one of the movies to watch for, spiked out by GeekDad’s Doug Cornelius in his Guide to This Summer’s Movies. It got a pretty stellar review from GeekMom’s Amy Kraft. You can buy it on DVD and Blu-Ray starting December 17th, but if you want to get a viewing in before Monday or you just want to skip the madness of malls and holiday shopping crowds altogether, it’s available as a digital download now on Apple’s iTunes.

I downloaded and watched a copy on Friday night with my kids. I’m not going to repeat Amy’s review, but I will say there were some pretty impressive CGI monster effects. I found the acting and dialogue a bit on the corny side (it rates a 38% on Rotten Tomatoes), but then again I’m not the target demographic. My 11-year old boys thought it was pretty cool. My 13-year old daughter was more in my camp… My kids haven’t read the Percy Jackson books, but the boys are currently working their way through Rick Riordan’s Kane Chronicles, which they are quite enjoying.

So if you have Apple TVs or an iOS device hooked up to your TV and you’re looking for a family-friendly action flick with some pretty decent CGI monster action, hit up iTunes and download Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters.

Note: I’m not sure what extras might be in the disc releases (if you care about extras), but the iTunes version is the straight movie, not additional content.

Disclosure: a Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters download was provided.

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