Review: Sigg Lets You Customize Your Water-Drinking Experience

Geek Culture

I recently got into the water bottle kick. It just makes sense to use the filtered water from my fridge instead of buying a soda or some other beverage. And so, when Sigg wanted to send me some of their bottles to check out, I said yes.

The first thing I noticed was the looped top. Looking through the water bottle display at Target only Sigg seems to have them — maybe a trademark? And it’s a good one. Carrying a water bottle around is super easy when you can devote a single finger to the task. And if you lose your top or want a different style, It’s very easy to buy replacement tops from Sigg’s website or Amazon.

The bottles themselves are lightweight, Swiss-made aluminum lined with BPA- and pthalate-free plastic. They come in various mixes of wide mouth and narrow mouth, 1.5, 1.0, 0.75, 0.6, and 0.4-liter capacities. They have a ton of different designs to choose from, or intriguingly, with Sigg Skins, you don’t need to rely on someone else’s design, you can create your own.

Making a Sigg skin is easy, you can upload and then drag and drop artwork, and/or use Sigg’s art resources including images, type, and vector elements like lines, paint splotches, and circles. The interface is easy to learn and creating a fun design is a cinch. The skin alone costs $12.95 or you can buy it with a bottle for a modest discount.

Sigg also has some neat lunch boxes that I want to mention. They’re all-aluminum and anodized in bright colors. Very simple and elegant. They’re too small for grownups, unless you like a much smaller lunch than I do. However, they’d be great for a kid or light eater.

While the aluminum is beautiful for both the bottles and lunchboxes, it is not invincible to damage. Using a bottles for day-to-day use will put some dents in the metal but this does not affect the lining, according to Sigg.

Wired: Attractive and customizable.

Tired: The bottles accumulate dings, making them look a little battle-worn after a time.

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