Skelanimals: Macabre, Yet Cute

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There just aren’t enough truly weird stuffed animals being marketed to mainstream audiences. That’s about to change, though, for there’s a relatively new line of toys called Skelanimals. I wish I’d known about them a few months ago when I wrote a list of the 10 Geekiest Plush Toys Money Can Buy, because they’d certainly have made the list.

Skelanimals are a line of basic stuffed animals: cat, dog, rabbit, monkey, elephant, panda
, etc. But they’ve got a twist: you can see their skeletons. Instead of the usual cute stuffed-animal features there are white bones on a black (or sometimes pink) background. The bones aren’t made to scientific specs, of course, but what they lack in verisimilitude they make up for in cleverness and a certain cuteness. Their motto says it well: "Dead animals need love too."

The Skelanimals line has branched out into other products besides stuffed animals, such as clothing, handbags, and shoes. They’re obviously targeting a wider audience than just geeks (as you can tell by the advertising on their website), and I hope it works out for them. I think their products are wonderfully bizarre, and I may just have to get some for myself…or even for my kids. My favorite is the bat.

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