Gelatinous Cube Adds Zing To Pork Belly Pizza

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I came across the article in the Toronto Star on the weekend and thought it was worth sharing with this crowd. “Fed, by Corey Mintz” is a weekly column in the Star in which the columnist mixes recipes, food stories and cultural encounters where he cooks for his guest. Last Saturday’s column mixed together gourmet pizza (for the record: mozzarella and chorizo, mozzarella and anchovies, mozzarella and pork belly and feta with rapine) and, wait for it – Dungeons & Dragons. It’s an entertaining read, with the first three quarters of the piece outlining Corey’s re-introduction to D&D via inviting a trio of gamers to his house for the evening, then segueing into a description of the hand made, personalized pizzas he whips up for the gamers. Worth a read if you haven’t had enough nerd and foodie mash-up lately. Kind of reminds me of the old SCTV Fishin’ Musician premise (Note: video is SFW)…

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