Reminder: Wil Wheaton on Cartoon Network This Friday

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Last week our own Ken Denmead interviewed GeekDad luminary Wil Wheaton regarding his role in this week’s episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold. Therein Wil plays Ted Kord, the Silver Age incarnation of Blue Beetle, a character whose contemporary analogue is, coincidentally, voiced by Batman Beyond alum Will Friedle. (Yes, it’s essentially a great big geek-out party to which we’re all invited.)

This ep. is entitled "Fall of the Blue Beetle!," and premieres Friday, January 23rd at 8:00 EST on Cartoon Network. According to the PR scuttlebutt, the plot unfolds thusly:

Blue Beetle traces his legacy back to the original Blue Beetle, to learn why the Scarab has chosen him to share in its powers and become a super hero. The journey leads him to the dangerous Science Island, where he battles legions of robots alongside Batman and learns the truth behind Ted Kord’s disappearance.

Ah, scenic Science Island: where men are real men and women are real women! And lab mice are, oddly enough, the local currency. But I digress. Don’t forget to tune in this Friday night to support Wil, and to have some all-ages Batman fun with the geeklings.

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