Disney Survey Shows Technology Trends For Kids


Istock_000002661857xsmallIstock_000002661857xsmallDisney conducted a recent survey of 11,500 parents about their kids’ technology habits, which provided some interesting results: because children are being exposed to technology at younger ages, it seems some parents are struggling to keep up. The parents are unsure what gadgets are age appropriate and confused about how to keep their kids safe online.

Other results include:

  • 48% of respondents aged 25-34 said their children began using a cell phone at age 5 or younger
  • Despite 80% stating they were worried about online safety, 26% said their children, age 8 or younger were allowed internet access while alone
  • 81% provided their children a personal e-mail address to register for a site online, 69% have uploaded a photo and 59% have used chat/IM

Digging deeper into the survey, it is revealed that only 7% of the survey respondents buy the latest and greatest gadgets and technology — that’s about 50% less than how the regular population buys — meaning these parents are probably pretty non-geeky.

So maybe these folks do need a little help. That’s where Disney is stepping in. They’ve set up a Web site to help parents cope with an online world and understand what toys and technology are age appropriate. If you are looking for tips on online safety, games to buy for your kids or just want to know if your kid’s old enough for an iPod or can be trusted alone with Google, Disney has you covered. The site is a positive step for helping out. It has good information and seems to be pretty unbiased — recommending sites and products that are outside the Disney family.

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