100 Geeks You Should Be Following On Twitter


ishot-4ishot-4Twitter has of late been inundated by, shall we say, “normals.” What was once our little playground has become rather more populated. But that doesn’t make it any less effective a tool for communication. It just means we have to stick together, and keep the geek community thriving.

To this end, GeekDad has assembled the following: a list of 100 awesomely geeky-geeks. These are great, creative gamers and chiptune artists, astronomers and LEGO builders. Of course such a list cannot dream of being exhaustive, and we hope you’ll add your own suggestions in the comments.

Name Twitter ID Geek Cred
Wil Wheaton wilw Blogger, writer, actor, and honorary GeekDad.
OverClocked Remix ocremix A community dedicated to the appreciation, preservation, and interpretation of video game music.
Al Yankovic alyankovic Geek music icon.
Phil Plait badastronomer Well-known astronomy blogger.
Cory Doctorow doctorow Science fiction author and founding member of Boing Boing.
Bre Pettis bre Maker extraordinaire.
Peter Sagal petersagal Host of Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me.
Diane Duane dduane Celebrated science fiction author, especially famous for numerous Star Trek novels.
Adam Savage donttrythis Co-host of Mythbusters.
Patrick Norton patricknorton Tech journalist, host of Tekzilla podcast.

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Name Twitter ID Geek Cred
Marian Call mariancall Gifted musician and all-around geek.
John Hodgman hodgman Writer, performer, geek humorist.
John Scalzi scalzi Veteran blogger; science fiction author; Stargate: Universe creative consultant; Bacon Cat creator
Neil Gaiman neilhimself “Sandman”, “American Gods”, “Coraline” etc.
Chris Hardwick nerdist comedian, actor, writer
Mike Massimino Astro_mike NASA astronaut, mission specialist for STS-125 (launches on May 12, 2009)
Harry Knowles headgeek666 Founder Aint It Cool News Movie reviews of the geek variety (SciFi, Fantasy, Horror and Comics)
Jonathan Coulton jonathancoulton Musician, Writer and Singer of songs with geek themes (ie. Still Alive, the Portal song).
William Gibson greatdismal SciFi writer and one of the Pioneers of Cyberpunk Fiction
Limor Fried AKA Lady Ada adafruit Hacker and Open Source Hardware advocate
Phil Torrone ptorrone Senior Editor of Make Magazine
Steve Wozniak stevewoz Inventor of the Apple Computer … nuff said
James Wyatt aquelajames Wizard of the Coast, author of 4th edition DMG
Mike Mearls mikemearls Lead developer of D&D R&D at WotC
MC Frontalot mc_frontalot Nerdcore rap extraordinaire
Warren Ellis warrenellis Comic book author and curator of the weird
Larry Hryb majornelson Aka Major Nelson; Director of Programming for Xbox Live
Paul and Storm paulandstorm Awesome geek musicians
Felicia Day feliciaday Star of “The Guild” and “Dr. Horrible”; she played geeks but she totally is a geek
Mike “Gabe” Krahulik cwgabriel Artist behind Penny Arcade
Jerry “Tycho” Holkins tychobrahe Writer behind Penny Arcade
Grant Imahara grantimahara Associate MythBuster
Kevin Smith thatkevinsmith Movie director & actor; serious comic book and movie geek
John Kovalic muskrat_john Awesome cartoonist and writer of Dork Tower
Jon Favreau jon_favreau Director of Iron Man (& forthcoming sequel)
Bonnie Burton bonniegrrl Editor/writer at Lucasfilm, cutting edge geek
Stephen Fry stephenfry British comedian/fop/mac head – loves his gadgets, writes for Guardian
Jason Bradbury JasonBradbury Presents ‘The Gadget Show’ in the UK, tweets incessantly, ‘Dot Robot’ author, father, rides a Sinclair C5
Dave Gorman davegorman Comedian and star of such shows as ‘Dave Gorman’s Googlewhack Adventure’ and ‘Are You Dave Gorman?’ Lover of Powerpoint and spreadsheets.
LeVar Burton levarburton You know, from Star Trek. Plus loves books, kids, etc.
Chris Anderson chr1sa He founded GeekDad.
Justine Izarik ijustine Life-streaming pioneer and new media darling, her YouTube videos are hiliarious and geeky.
Bwana bwana Gamer, podcaster, and tech blogger. Plus, he does a mean Patrick Norton impression.
Ben Templesmith templesmith Gifted comic book artist. Draws great zombies, and the best Dr. Who ever.
Mark Frauenfelder frauenfelder Editor in Chief of Make magazine, and founder of Boing Boing.
Veronica Belmont veronica Tech journalist, co-host of Tekzilla.
Gina Trapani ginatrapani Founder of Lifehacker.
Adam Koford apelad Comics artist, creator of the LOLCats strip.
Doctor Popular docpop Gamer, yo-yo artist, and denim-repurposer.
Johnny Johnny tikijohnny Bartender for Tiki Bar TV, and cartoon maker.
Jeff Macpherson drtiki Doctor Tiki from Tiki Bar TV.
Andy Ihnatko ihnatko Tech journalist and major geek.
John Gruber gruber Technology reconteur and font geek.
Xeni Jardin xenijardin Writer for Boing Boing, and host of BBtv.
Amber MacArthur ambermacarthur Tech journalist and video blogger.
John Cleese johncleese Monty Python alum and gadget geek.
Guy Kawasaki guykawasaki Tech journalist.
Kevin Rose kevinrose Founder of Digg.
Evan Williams ev Founder of Twitter.
Lisa Bettany mostlylisa Photographer and blogger.
Sarah Lane sarahlane Tech journalist and video blogger.
Bill Amend billamend Geeky cartoonist (writes the FoxTrot strip)
Leo Laporte LeoLaporte Technology journalist
Anil Dash anildash Long-time blogger; 1st employee of SixApart
Ryan Penagos Agent_M Inside-scoop blogger at Marvel Comics
Tim O’Reilly TimOReilly Founder of O’Reilly Publishing, Web 2.0 conference
Garrett Camp gmc Founder of StumbleUpon
Greg Grunberg greggrunberg Actor on Heroes and serious web geek
Lore Sjöberg loresjoberg Writes for Wired, seriously strange (but very funny) guy
Penn Jillette pennjillette The speaking half of Penn & Teller; mostly a magic geek
Scott Beale laughingsquid Founder of the geeky blog Laughing Squid
Neil deGrasse Tyson neiltyson Astrophysicist, author of several astronomy books
Berin Kinsman unclebear Father figure of the RPG bloggers. Has been blogging about RPG’s for about 13 years and there isn’t anything he doesn’t know about the subject.
Scott Kurtz pvponline Webcomic artist/writer behind Player vs. Player
CAG videogamedeals Deals update feed from videogame shopping site Cheap Ass Gamer
MC Lars mc_lars Post-punk laptop rapper
Wizrocklopedia wizrocklopedia Your Wizard Rock news source
Nerdapalooza Nerdapalooza Orlando’s own large-scale nerd music festival
Anthony Ruybalid genoboost Of chiptune/VGM site Game Music 4 All
Ariel Waldman spacehack a directory of ways to participate in space exploration, interact + connect with the space community and encourage citizen science.
Amber Benson amber_benson Buffy actor at comic book geek.
Cali Lewis calilewis Tech maven, video blogger.
Chris Pirillo chrispirillo Tech journalist, life streamer.
Trent Reznor trent_reznor Creative force behind Nine Inch Nails, tech geek, music geek, and a driving force in changing the music industry.
David Pogue pogue Tech writer for the NYT.
Brian Michael Bendis brianmbendis Comic book writer.
Geek Girl Diva geekgirldiva Geeky blogger and affiliates manager for Entertainment Earth – lots of cool toys!
Jayson Peters nerdvana Geek blogger.
Alison Lunde snipeyhead Code monkey and sarcastageek.
Brandon Boyer brandonnn Editor of Offworld.
ThinkGeek thinkgeek Twitter feed from the geekiest store online, manned by various staff, and always interesting.
Pixelh8 pixelh8 Renowned chip tune musician and music software designer
Mark Cuban mcuban Dallas Mavericks owner, founder of HDNet, Media/Tech blogger
Jane McGonigal avantgame Game designer & researcher, alternate reality gaming (worked on the “I Love Bees” Halo 2 project)
Annalee Newitz Annaleen io9 editor/writer; science/tech journalist
Grant Hutchinson Splorp Font nerd, also quite possibly the foremost Apple Newton expert. Runs a web server on a Newton.
Kaden Harris kaden_harris Eccentric Canadian tinkerer and O’Reilly author.
William Gurstelle wmgurst Author of numerous catapult and ballistics books, MAKE contributor and MAKE:Television producer.
Windell Oskay oskay MAKE contributor, tinkerer
Eliot Phillips sweetums Editor of Hack A Day.
Laura Burns moonrangerlaura Space News
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