Paul and Storm Present “The 25 Days of Newman”

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If you’re a fan of geeky music, you probably know that Jonathan Coulton became famous partly due to his "Thing a Week" experiment a few years ago. Well, now Paul and Storm—friends and sometimes touring partners of JoCo’s but very different musically—are doing their own, shorter experiment: The 25 Days of Newman.

No, this has nothing to do with Seinfeld. The "Newman" in this case is
Randy Newman, Oscar-winning composer of tons of film scores and such memorable tunes as "Sail Away" and "You Can Leave Your Hat On." In 2003, when the movie Seabiscuit, with a score by Newman, was in the theatres, Paul and Storm decided that Newman should’ve written a theme song for it as well, and that since he hadn’t, they would. This idea then became a series of theme songs for other movies, taking the original tune and lyrics they’d used for the Seabiscuit song and transforming them to suit the movies in question. Of course, aiming for the funniest songs possible, they went for the movies one would least expect to find Randy Newman songs in, such as Scarface, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, and even The Passion of the Christ.

So now they’re doing The 25 Days of Newman, each day until Christmas publishing a new Randy Newman movie song parody online. Each song is free to listen to, download, share, etc., as Paul and Storm publish all their music under a Creative Commons license. So far they’ve covered The Godfather, The Big Lebowski, and The Shining. Listen and enjoy! Each song is only 90 seconds long, so even if it’s not to your taste you won’t have lost much time trying it out. I should warn you that their songs are not intended for kids, and some of them are very much not kid-safe.

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