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Ost_ssf2thdr_1Ost_ssf2thdr_1Last week, Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix made its long-awaited appearance on the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network Store. This is exciting news simply because most fans can’t get enough Street Fighter II, but more so because this iteration features musical contributions from the OverClocked ReMix community.

OverClocked ReMix was proud to work with Capcom to develop a new, remixed soundtrack for Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix. While video game companies have worked with fans in the past, HD Remix is the first major video game with a completely fan-made soundtrack. More than twenty gamers from around the world contributed remixes of the original Street Fighter games’ music for inclusion in the updated game, in styles including jazz, hip-hop, reggaeton, spaghetti western, garage rock, big beat and electronica.

The game has received very favorable reviews, with the groundbreaking musical elements being cited as one of the refinements "that make SSF2THDR one of the best remakes of a classic game in recent memory." This soundtrack has been made freely available by OverClocked ReMix, and fans of chiptunes and VGM are heartily encouraged to check it out.

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