GeekDad Movie Rumor: Tron 2.0 in the Works?

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Tron gained sci-fi cult status in the early 1980′s as a ground-breaking visual effects movie centered on the story of a video game programmer getting transported into a virtual world run by MCP, the Master-Control Program.  Rumors are flying nearly twenty years later that Tron 2 may be in the works.

Several weeks ago the Internet was buzzing with speculation that The
Walt Disney Co. might be considering a sequel to Tron in 2011.  Quite a few movie review sites picked up the buzz and added that the movie would also be filmed in Disney Digital 3D.  Jeff Bridges, who played Kevin Flynn in the original, hinted he had been looking at the project and was deciding whether or not to be part of it.

Reporter had an article in September 2007
Kosinski (currently directing a remake of Logan’s Run) is in negotiations to direct and that two writers, Eddie Kitsis and Adam
Horowitz (writers from Disney’s hit TV show Lost)
have been tapped for the script.

Hollywood Reporter further indicates that the positioning of visual effects personnel is intense as many credit 1982′s Tron with sparking their interest in computer animation and visual effects. As evidenced in one of John Baichtal’s recent posts, fascination with Tron continues to this day – even without all that high-tech CGI.

Via Rocketboom, here’s the original video shown to Disney execs in 1981.  It was what convinced them to green-light the movie.

Even having just a glimpse of what CGI can do today, Tron 2.0 should be one of those movies that just HAS to be seen on the big screen. Let’s hope these rumors are true and we can enjoy it in 2011.

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