DIY Star Destroyer: The Emperor Will Be Pleased

Geek Culture

I’m not worthy! Found via Neatorama is this scratch build of an Imperial Star Destroyer that would be the envy of any of those Lucasarts schmoes back in the day. No detail is skimped on, right down to the blast cannons and surface etching. I almost feel like a swarm of tie fighters will emerge at any moment. And then, just when I’m feeling most inadequate, he goes and mods a Super Star Destroyer kit complete with multiple LEDs for effect, and throws me into a failure spiral. Oh, well.

The rhythm of modern life (at least mine lately) just doesn’t fit long builds like this anymore, darn it! With Geekdad Overlord Ken’s post about scheduling family time, and myself in the midst of remodeling bathrooms (DIY, naturally), kids, and deadlines, I’ve been thinking a lot about this. How do you schedule geek-pursuit time in the midst of the hubbub? As the nameless (but not faceless) modeler says himself:

"I’m a grumpy news photographer from Dayton, Ohio who has too much time after the kids have gone to bed."

Welcome to geekdad-dom Imperial ship builder, welcome.

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