Walk the Plank

Review: Walk the Plank!

If you’re familiar with Get Bit! from Mayday Games, you know it’s about a bunch of pirates swimming in the water, trying to get away from a shark. Well, think of Walk the Plank! as sort of a prequel—it’s the reason all those pirates are in the water in the first place. Shove, drag, and chase the other pirates into the water, and try to be the last one on the ship.

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Pirates: Myths vs. Facts

Hollywood and pirate novels would have you believe that pirates were swashbucklers living a life of pleasure on the seas, fighting only when they had to. They make it easy to see past the fact that they were stealing gold and other valuables by making the people they were stealing it from seem worse than them. Well, I enjoy Talk Like a Pirate Day as much as most other geeks, but I think it’s important to add a dose of reality. So I’m here to dispel some of the more popular myths about pirates, and to confirm a few as well.

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