Talk Like a Pirate Day: When Pirates Get Sad

Image By Rebecca Angel
Image By Rebecca Angel

My niece is an intense, sweet girl who loves pirates. She and I often play pirates together. She and I also hug a lot because her emotions can be overwhelming. For her sixth birthday, I wrote her a pirate story giving her tools to try when she’s feeling sad. I asked my son Luke to draw some cute stick figures for illustrations.

There is a famous pirate tune I’m playing in the background of this video. Can you guess it?


Rebecca Angel was one of those kids that put the dragon book on top of her pile in the hopes that someone would say, "Hey, I'm into that stuff too!" Alas, she had to wait until she was an adult to find fellow geeks. Luckily, she married one and their kids are too. A music teacher by day, Rebecca is also a lover of tea, science literacy, funky tights, RPGs, anime, manga, comics, fantasy books and movies.