TableTop Libertalia

TableTop Sets Sail With ‘Libertalia’

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Today’s episode of TableTop is all about pirates! As Wil Wheaton explains, we’ll pretend for the moment that pirates are fun and not terrible, because in Libertalia you’ll play pirates trying to get the most booty. It’s a fun game that involves simultaneous card selection, so it’s really important to predict what your opponents are up to.

Joining Wil are Seth Green (actor and Robot Chicken creator and married to Clare), Clare Grant (actress and Team Unicorn co-founder and married to Seth), and Karen Gillan (actress in Doctor Who and Guardians of the Galaxy). Who will take home the most loot (and the coveted TableTop Trophy of Awesome)? Whose pirate accent is the worst? And, most importantly, will Wil always be the last to make up his mind?

Watch the episode to find out!

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