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Genius: National Geographic’s Life of Einstein

Genius: National Geographic’s Life of Einstein

National Geographic’s first scripted program, ‘Genius,’ explores the life of the man whose name has become synonymous with the title. The series, produced by Ron Howard and Brian Glazer and based on the biography by Walter Isaacson, focuses on Albert Einstein the man while also revealing Einstein the genius. Read More


GBBP 81: Paul Salopek

GBBP 81: Paul Salopek

I first heard about Paul Salopek back in 2013 when he began the Out of Eden Walk. As someone who traveled around the world overland, his plan spoke to me in a big way. However, whereas I traveled around the globe using a combination of trains, buses, boats, and other forms of mechanized locomotion, Paul is covering some 22,000 miles the old-fashioned way – on foot. Read More

Collect Micrometeors During Double Meteor Showers This Week

The Delta Aquarids and Perseids meteor showers overlap in the coming days, providing several great meteor shower viewing opportunities.  The National Geographic website has some great tips on viewing the showers. Beyond viewing, we are planning to physically capture some meteorites.  Well, actually we are setting-up to capture micrometeors.  We can’t wait to see what star… Read More

A Giant Cave in Vietnam

Just when we think we’ve found the biggest, longest, largest, or whatever-est of things, nature and man’s ability to discover new things continue to amaze us. Last year, a cave was found in central Vietnam, and is only now really … Read More

The Top Ten Classic Gifts: Not So New, But Must Haves

This season’s hottest gifts run the gamut of motion sensitive gaming systems to harmonizing toothy creatures with inexplicable appeal. But now that Black Friday is done, Cyber-Monday wrapped, and the prices back up to what we normally pay, there is still a chance to save some money and get some great gifts for those left on… Read More