Back-to-School With Evernote

I’m not in school any longer. (But I still consider myself a life-long student and am always learning new skills and subjects.) But every now and then when thinking back to high school and college, I shake my head and think how useful today’s technology (both hardware and software) would have been to me. How might I have used it? Glad you asked.

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Increase Productivity With 100DS

Many of my friends and acquaintances frequently ask me to demonstrate techniques on my laptop or tablet or phone that make my life just a little easier. I’ll try out any trick once, just to see if it helps or hinders. If it helps, I try to find a way to blend it into my existing work routine. Not everything makes the cut but those that do I’m always happy to share and help promote. Take 100DS. It stands for The 100 Day System, and it’s created by Steven Feeney, an ex-military intelligence analyst and now currently a consultant for project and risk management.

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