Head Back to School in Style with Belkin and Moleskine Laptop Bags

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BagsThe end of August looms and, all over the country, students wake before noon and shuffle confusedly back towards their chosen hallowed halls of learning, their laptops clutched precariously in their arms or tossed haphazardly into backpacks. While you can’t help the zombie-like disposition, you can at least ensure that their hardware gets there in one piece with one of these laptop bags from Belkin and Moleskine.

Belkin Air Protect Sleeve

BelkinThe full name of the Belkin case is the Air Protect Sleeve for Chromebooks, which does it a slight disservice. The Air Protect will fit a whole array of small laptops, as evidenced by the extensive list on their product page. My 11′ Mac Air fit comfortably and securely. bolstered by the well-padded sides. There is also a handy zippered pocket on the bottom of the case. It just barely took my oversized Mac charger; but a more traditional rectangular charger would fit with ease. Other than the accessory pocket, there’s not much room for more stuff; but if you like to travel light, this case is a great option. It’s inexpensive, the two-tone grey exterior is durable and looks sharp, and the integrated carrying handle is a nice touch. Grab one from Amazon, throw your laptop in, and hit the road.

Moleskine Device Bag

MoleskineIf you need more options, the Moleskine Device Bags are stylish alternatives. They feature either dove grey or brilliant red exteriors and contrasting blue interiors. BagInteriorThe multiple pockets ensure that you’ll be able to take everything with you, no matter how much stuff you have. Both horizontal and vertical configurations sport more pockets behind the front flap, giving you easy access to your stuff, while keeping the elements off. The smaller touches really make the Moleskine bags stand out. The hardware is sufficiently chunky and feels like it will last through a lifetime of abuse. If you travel frequently, you’ll love the strap in the back to secure the bag on your extended suitcase handle. The downside? You’ll pay for all those extra features. The Moleskine bags aren’t cheap; but if you need more than basic protection, or just aren’t into a minimalist carry, they’re worth it. You can get the bag for 13.3. or 15.4 laptops, in vertical or horizontal configurations from the Moleskine store.

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1 thought on “Head Back to School in Style with Belkin and Moleskine Laptop Bags

  1. 130 bucks for a bag made from cheap material which is going to fall apart within a year is no good deal, i think. I’d rather pay more and choose sth like Louis Vuitton / Von Baer bags / Mont Blanc bags, but this bag would last for lifetimes. It’s just my opinion, though.

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