Moleskine Unveils New Line of Batman Notebooks

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Beyond writing for GeekDad, writing is a major part of my everyday life. At my day job I write countless copy and marketing materials. I’ve written a few screenplays of my own and collaborated on a number of script revisions and original stories for other filmmakers. I’ve attempted to write novels, keep constant lists going, create pages of D&D notes, and always find myself with an idea I just have to write down immediately. Technology is great, but when it comes to writing (and reading), I’m an analog guy through and through. This is precisely why I always have a Moleskine notebook on my person.

As an accessory and everyday carry item, Moleskine notebooks are vital to my routine, so as a comic book geek and writer, I was thrilled to learn that Moleskine has released a series of limited edition Batman notebooks. I’m always looking for ways to tastefully merge my geeky side with my professional side.

The Batman Moleskines come in five separate Batman cover designs, each with ivory-colored pages inside and themed stickers in the back pocket.

Moleskine is known for creating finely crafted, bound notebooks used by artists, cartoonists, musicians, writers, and geeks worldwide. Some might say Moleskine is a tool of the pretentious writer, the analog equivalent to a MacBook. For me, I’m just a fan of the quality. When you’re carrying a notebook around in your pocket day in and day out, that notebook had better be durable. If that same notebook has Batman on the cover, even better.

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