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Moleskine myCloud Backpack: Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag

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Moleskine Bag
Front and back view of the Moleskine myCloud backpack. Photos: Jonathan H. Liu

For many years now, I’ve been using a small-sized Timbuk2 messenger bag as my go-to if I just need to carry a few things when I’m headed out the door. I’ve also got a GreenSmart Mandrill backpack that has served me well for conventions when I know I’ll be out and about for a whole day—but it’s pretty big and soft, so things tend to get mushed down at the bottom. That, and my wife commandeered it for her regular work bag so I have to get special permission to use it now.

For my trip to Gen Con this year, though, I got to try out a new bag: the Moleskine myCloud backpack. (And now it’s become my wife’s regular work bag.)

The backpack retails for $220, and comes in green or dark gray. Moleskine also has several other bags of different sizes available, from a small shoulder bag to a messenger bag to large tote bags.

The backpack has some features that link it to the popular notebooks: there’s an elastic strap across the bottom that holds the flap in place, echoing the elastic ribbon of the notebook covers. And the green interior and accents hint at the classic notebook, too.

Moleskine Bag
Two views of the interior (from front and back) show a lot of pockets. Photo: Jonathan H. Liu

Inside the main compartment are two flat padded pouches (in green, above); one is large enough for laptops up to 15″, the other is narrower and can just fit my iPad 2 if I’m not using the bulkier case. An elastic strap with velcro keeps things in place. On the front side of the bag (in blue) there are several smaller compartments: two sleeves for pens, two wallet-sized pockets, one smaller zippered pocket, and one larger zippered pocket the width of the bag. There’s also a little strap near the top with a snap so you can hang your keyring, or the included collapsible bag.

Moleskine Bag
There’s an included collapsible bag. Photo: Jonathan H. Liu

The extra bag is like one of those compact shopping bags—it’s pretty thin, folds down to a small package, and has an elastic loop to hold it all together. While I was at Gen Con, it came in really handy because I could easily pop it out for all the extra stuff I was picking up, and then empty it out at the hotel and stuff it back into the backpack for the next day. The only problem with it was that, with some of the heavier things I was carrying, the straps did get a little pulled thin, which wasn’t as comfortable on my shoulder by the end of the day.

Moleskine Bag
Two side pockets can be accessed without lifting the flap. Photo: Jonathan H. Liu

There are two side pockets, each going halfway across the bag, and these can be accessed without opening the flap. That was also really handy for the convention, because I could keep a few things like my camera, gum, and a package of cough drops ready for easy access without having to open up the whole bag.

The flap itself uses velcro to close, and then the elastic strap to hold it in place. The downside to the velcro is that it can be kind of loud, but it does the job. I didn’t always find the elastic strap necessary, but my wife has been using it for her bike commute and said that the strap is great when the bag is full. During the convention, I didn’t even always zip the main compartment shut since there was a flap over it, although once the bag gets full then the zipper helps hold it together.

You can also see the ring in the photo above: there’s one on each side, and the luggage tag (see photo below) came attached to one of them. For my trip, since there’s also a luggage tag sewn into the interior, I did away with the larger luggage tag. I got one of those travel Purell bottles with the strap on it, and attached it to the ring, so I had some hand sanitizer available throughout the convention. No con crud for me!

Moleskine Bag
There’s a built-in carabiner and a luggage tag that also has the iconic elastic strap. Photo: Jonathan H. Liu

There’s a large rectangular clip on the side where you can hang things—I used mine to hold my water bottle, which worked pretty well most of the time. (Sometimes I whacked things with the bottle, and I wouldn’t advise trying to run with a full bottle attached to your side.)

Moleskine Bag
My wife demonstrates the shoulder strap. Photo: Jonathan H. Liu

You can use the bag either as a backpack or a shoulder bag. When not in use, the backpack straps are covered by a zippered flap which also functions as a luggage pass-through if you want to hang it on a roller suitcase handle. The shoulder strap is in two pieces with a buckle, and the strap tucks into pockets on either edge of the bag. I used it exclusively as a backpack for Gen Con, but my wife says she switches it back and forth frequently as needed.

Moleskine Bag
Easily convert from over-the-shoulder to backpack. Photo: Jonathan H. Liu

The backpack straps also have a chest strap, which is really nice when you’re carrying a lot of stuff. I hadn’t really used one before but I discovered it was really handy during the convention. The backpack straps also have a touch of reflective piping on the edges.

There’s also a handle on the top between the backpack straps if you just want to carry it that way, too.

Moleskine Bag
It fits easily under the seat on a plane. Photo: Jonathan H. Liu

The Moleskine backpack is square-shaped, so despite its capacity it fits easily under the airplane seat. And it holds its shape well enough that I didn’t have things getting squashed and lost in the folds. The body of the bag is made of “water-repellent polyamide” with a “coupled polyester” base. I didn’t know what that meant without Google, but it’s basically like a nylon body with a tougher, stiff base. The base helps it keep its shape and gives it some extra protection.

Moleskine Bag
It’s like it was designed for gamers. Photo: Jonathan H. Liu

As a bonus, the bag is just about the perfect size for your large square-box board game, as you can see from the photo above. I was able to pack a game box (with several more smaller games packed inside), to have a small portable game library wherever I went—and then the spare bag for anything I collected throughout the day.

One last note: the “myCloud” name is a play on cloud storage—the idea is that the bag is your analog cloud, where you keep your things. Kind of silly, but if you’re into that sort of thing, you can go to MyAnalogCloud and play the little personality game there, print it out, and stick it in your luggage tag, proclaiming that you’re an Analog Utopian or whatever you turn out to be.

Overall, I was extremely pleased with the Moleskine myCloud backpack, and I’ll definitely be using it for future trips. And so will my wife.

Disclosure: GeekDad received a sample of this bag for review.

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6 thoughts on “Moleskine myCloud Backpack: Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag

  1. It looks really well designed, but there’s no way I’m going to pay that much for a bag. You will find the brightly coloured interior very helpful for locating dark objects inside. Why more bag manufacturers don’t do this is a mystery to me.

  2. I’ve been looking for a bag that converts to a backpack for a looooong time. This one looks like it works well, but any comments on the durability? Do you think it’ll hold up? I’m wondering mostly about the material; is it going to get horribly scratched if you brush up against, say, a brick wall? Or will the coating (IS there a coating?) wear off at the corners after you’ve used it for a while (like a lot of fake leather does)? I use my bags daily and use them for years!


    1. Hi, Helen, this one doesn’t have a coating—it’s not like a leather surface, more like a nylon type. Granted, we’ve only had this since this summer so it’s hard to know, but I used it for the trip to Gen Con and my wife has been using it as her everyday work bag (including bike commuting) the rest of the time and it seems to be holding up fairly well. I haven’t run it up against a brick wall so I can’t say, though I’d guess you’d get some small snags if you do that. I’m not sure what sort of material WOULD hold up to that sort of abuse.

  3. I love this review!!! I am the most nit picky person and this review gave me all the info I was searching for… well accept for the weight, which I cannot seem to find anywhere anyway. Everything I have ever owned fro Moleskine has help up beautifully. I think I will try this one out. Thank you for the review.

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