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The 10 Hottest Tech Toys of 2015

The 10 Hottest Tech Toys of 2015

Toys that talk, tablets that “grow up” with your kid, and robots you build (and then order around)– yep, this holiday is shaping up to be the techiest ever for kids. Read More


ChatWithTheBand – A Ustream/ Google+ Hangouts-esque Facebook App For Musicians and Artists

If you are a musician, or artist, and have been lamenting over the lack of interactive chat features on Facebook similar to Google+ Hangouts, finally, there is something similar available to those who make use of Facebook fan pages. The app is called ChatWithTheBand. ChatWithTheBand lets you video chat with fans and listen to tracks as… Read More

Botox Mom Update: Negligent, or a Fake?

Botox for an 8 year old: truth or an elaborate hoax? I wrote a post about the mom who gave her daughter Botox as a means to get rid of wrinkles that the mom thought was deterring her daughter on the beauty pageant circuit. This story has gotten a lot of press across the internet… Read More