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Remembrance of The Doctor: A Personal Journey Through Time and Space

Remembrance of The Doctor: A Personal Journey Through Time and Space

We need heroes. I need heroes. In the wake of the death and the disillusionment of living heroes, we make up stories with heroes who live up to our values and expectations, heroes who idealize our aspirations and can only let us down if we let them. The Doctor is, in my opinion, the epitome of the hero archetype. Read More

The Failure Bow

The Failure Bow

We all make mistakes. Sometimes subtly, in ways that only we’re aware of, and sometimes spectacularly, in ways that will get recorded and posted to YouTube and compiled on FAIL Blog. While we can do our best to minimize mistakes, the truth is that we’re never going to be completely rid of our blunders. So it’s important to know how to respond at times when we do make mistakes. Read More

Review of Doctor Who: “The Bells of St. John”

Review of Doctor Who: “The Bells of St. John”

Just in time for everybody’s favorite egg-collecting holiday, Doctor Who returns to our screens with an easter egg-laden episode. There are plenty of sublet and not so subtle hints, clues, and allusions to give any Doctor Who fan plenty to geek out on. First off, definitely watch the prequel first: although there are no groundbreaking revelations,… Read More

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Script Has ALL Eleven Doctors

As of today Steven Moffat has confirmed that he is completing a script that will feature the current Doctor, Matt Smith, facing a foe so great that he will need assistance from all ten of the previous TARDIS inhabitants. Roumors suggest, Eccelston is in!!! The producers have gotten agreements from all living actors who have ever played the Doctor; Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, and Matt Smith. With some studio special effects they have even resurrected William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, and Jon Pertwee. Read More

The Official Doctor Who Convention – Part One

Last weekend saw the first-ever Official Doctor Who Convention at the Millennium Centre in Cardiff, Wales. The Centre is famous among Whovians not only as the fictional headquarters for Torchwood 3, the Cardiff branch of the organization tasked with protecting the Earth from aliens (the headquarters are beneath the plaza in front of the Centre),… Read More

Doctor Who Giveaway Winners!

GeekMom is pleased to announce our three winners of the Doctor Who giveaway sponsored by BBC America: Becky, KtCallista, and Bianca! Congratulations! You’ll be receiving Doctor Who Season Six Parts One and Two and should already have found an email in your inbox. The most fascinating thing about this contest were the answers regarding favorite… Read More

Win Some Doctor Who For the New Year!

If watching the new Doctor Who Christmas Special isn’t enough Who for the Holidays, Warner Bros. Entertainment is offering three lucky GeekMom readers a chance to win packages of Doctor Who Season Six. Each winner win each receive a copy of the Part 1 and Part 2 box sets of the second season to star… Read More

Doctor Who Season Six: A Wild Time

“It’s Doctor Who meets A Christmas Carol meets Jaws.” That’s the description of the 2010 Christmas episode of Doctor Who, “A Christmas Carol,”  from the episode of Doctor Who Confidential that’s contained on disc one of the season six complete set of Doctor Who. If that description causes you to shakes your head, then this season may… Read More

‘Tis the Season for Doctor Who

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, Christmas is a glimmer in my eye. Christmas means mint cocoa, holiday movies, and the Doctor Who Christmas Special. This show never fails to impress with its seasonal offering. This year’s special is set in Dorset during World War II, when the Doctor enters the life of a young… Read More