Eleven Doctors, all in a row, image from the BBC

Eleven Doctors, All In A Row

Eleven Doctors, all in a row, image from the BBC
Eleven Doctors, all in a row, image from the BBC

“The Day Of The Doctor” is creeping closer and closer, and today the BBC announced that a special new trailer will air tonight (Saturday, 19 October) at about 8:20pm BST – between its two peak time shows, Strictly Come Dancing(!) and Atlantis. Just like the new image above, the trailer will feature all eleven doctors as they first appeared on screen, including the very first – William Hartnell – in full high-res colour for the first time ever. That’s a lot of firsts! Fear not, non-UK people, as the trailer will be up on the BBC’s Doctor Who page straight after, and no doubt on YouTube fairly soon after that.

The press release was keen to point out that the trailer won’t actually contain any footage from the 50th Anniversary Special, though, so I guess we’ll have to wait a bit longer for that. However, it’s been a bumper few weeks for Whovians in the run up to celebrations, with the release of fabulous galleries of photos from the special, the announcement that acclaimed director Ben Wheatley is going to helm the first two episodes of series 8, with new Doctor Peter Capaldi and the discovery of nine previously lost Patrick Troughton episodes.

The BBC have a whole raft of programming lined up for the anniversary, including a show dedicated to discovering who (or what) is/are Doctor Who‘s Ultimate Villain and they need your votes to help decide it. It’s between Cybermen, Daleks, the Silence, the Master, Silurians, Ood, Judoon, Ice Warriors, Weeping Angels and the Clockwork Droids. Who’s it going to be? We’ll find out in November.

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