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If watching the new Doctor Who Christmas Special isn’t enough Who for the Holidays, Warner Bros. Entertainment is offering three lucky GeekMom readers a chance to win packages of Doctor Who Season Six. Each winner win each receive a copy of the Part 1 and Part 2 box sets of the second season to star Matt Smith and feature Karen Gillian and Arthur Darvill as companions Rory and Amy. Sets courtesy of BBC America.

To enter to win, answer this question in the comments below:

Who is your favorite companion and why?

Can be either from the original series or from the modern series. The winners will be announced December 26th, the day after Christmas.

Good luck!




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61 thoughts on “Win Some Doctor Who For the New Year!

  1. My three favorites are Sarah Jane, Donna Noble, and Amy Pond. Sarah Jane, because as stated before she kept up the adventure and inspired other companions she met; Donna because she never lost her sense of humour or self while with the Doctor; and Amy because she has spunk to spare and is never afraid to spek her mind. I have seen most of the original and new series mainly because my husband loves the show! Now I do too!:-)

  2. Donna Noble! She’s a funny, feisty companion who never succumbs to being a starry-eyed Doctor-groupie like all the others. And the Doctor himself describes Donna as his best friend (or best mate, rather), even when she doesn’t know him.

  3. I’m going to have to go with Sarah Jane Smith and Rose Tyler. Rose, partially because she is my first companion (sad I know, I had a Doctor Who deprived childhood), and I love the way she and everyone around her transforms over the series. Plus maybe I relate to her the best, finding myself from time to time in the endless loop of doing what needs doing before figuring out what it is I want to do.

    Sarah Jane Smith, not so much for her original appearance, which is noteworthy, or her reappearance, but because of her own show, which has sparked the imagination of my little geeklings. She may just be the best mom figure of Sci-Fi.

  4. I am going to go with Captain Jack Harkness here. The Torchwood version was great, but the Season 1 Captain Jack hasn’t really been surpassed yet.

    he is the only companion I can remember to actually steal scenes away from the Doctor and Doctor 9 had incredible screen presence. Most companions compliment the Doctor, Captain Jack went above and beyond.

    Beyond that… Rose was a wonderful character and I always liked Martha… hard working, really smart, but never fully appreciated.

  5. Rose Tyler and Donna Noble are my favorite companions. I love Rose’s personality and how her character changes through the series. Donna is just hilarious. Her attitude was a great change from the previous companions. She was fierce and funny and I wish she had a better ending.

  6. I’m kind of partial to Martha myself, mostly because she has more reasoning ability than, say, Donna. Amy has been growing on me as well.

  7. This is impossibly difficult. I’d have a much simpler time figuring out which Companions I disliked. I am admittedly very fond of Rory. He’s such an odd, lovable duck.

  8. Rory Williams – Daff on the outside, a real solid and smart companion when you touch the surface. Strong. and loyal, he’s a keeper.

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