Doctor Who Giveaway Winners!

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GeekMom is pleased to announce our three winners of the Doctor Who giveaway sponsored by BBC America: Becky, KtCallista, and Bianca!

Congratulations! You’ll be receiving Doctor Who Season Six Parts One and Two and should already have found an email in your inbox.

The most fascinating thing about this contest were the answers regarding favorite companions. I thought either Amy or Rose would be the most popular but among our commenters Donna Noble ruled, with double the number of votes of the next closest, Amy and Rose.

Go Donna!

Note to Stephen Moffat: If our sampling is to be believed, all of Donna’s fans believe she was a wee bit shafted by that ending. Maybe something can be done about that.

Here’s the vote breakdown. Some people voted for more than one companion and that’s why there are more votes than comments:

Donna: Fourteen votes

Rose & Amy: Seven votes each.

Sarah Jane, Rory & Martha: Four votes each. A nice showing by Sarah Jane, particularly since she’s more of an old Who companion.

Captain Jack Harkness: Three votes.

Tegan & Adric: One vote each for the old school companions. (Also, my eldest son says he’s been watching old Who and he votes for Ace.)

Happy viewing!



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