How to Cheat Cover

Dangerous Games: How to Cheat: MORE Murder at Gen Con!

Well, Matt Forbeck’s done it again… releasing the second book in his Dangerous Games trilogy set at Gen Con. It’s a whirlwind story… I read the entire 200 pages within hours of getting my digital copy. Matt’s thrown a great little mystery into the mix along with some fun name drops, more behind-the-scenes details of the game publishing world, and a very likable lead character and a despicable villain.

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Book 1: How to Play

Dangerous Games: How to Play: Murder at Gen Con!

A freelance game designer is found dead in an alley, and Liam is dropped right in the middle of the investigation. He’s even given a role by the Gen Con organizers to act as liaison with the Indianapolis police department. Liam just wants to play some games, visit some booths, and show off his game… but it’s his understanding of gamers and their traditions (as well as the sometimes unusual behaviors) that allow him to make more headway in his own investigation than the local homicide detective.

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Book Review: Star Wars vs. Star Trek

Have you ever wondered if a phaser could hold up against a lightsaber? Who was wiser–Ben Kenobi or Captain Picard? What would happen if the Empire tried to invade the Federation? Matt Forbeck’s book Star Wars vs. Star Trek: Could the Empire Kick the Federation’s Ass? and Other Galaxy-Shaking Enigmas answers those pressing questions and […]

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