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Author Matt ForbeckAuthor Matt Forbeck

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If you thought writing an entire novel in a single month was crazy, you should check out what author, game designer, and fellow GeekDad contributor Matt Forbeck plans to tackle next year. For his 12 for ’12 project, Forbeck is writing a novel every single month during 2012.

Yeah, you read it right. He’s writing 12 novels in 12 months. One per month. Crazy, right? Have I mentioned yet that Forbeck has five kids, four of whom are quadruplets?

If anyone can pull off such a feat, it seems like Forbeck can. He’s prolific to the point of absurdity, with countless writing credits in video games, role-playing games, novels, screenplays, and comic books. Last November, his novel Amortals hit shelves to massive critical acclaim. Right now, he’s penning the new Magic: The Gathering comic book from IDW. He has a novel, Carpathia, coming out in March. His eldest child just turned 13. And next year, he’s planning to write 50,000 words a month.

Just thinking about it makes me tired, and I’m not even lifting a finger.

Forbeck is even self-publishing these novels. He’s using Kickstarter to take pre-orders, with various pledge tiers for ebook, softcover, or hardcover editions. For $150, you can even read the books as they are being written, in weekly digital installments.

Forbeck plans to run four Kickstarter campaigns, one for each trilogy in his 12 for ’12 project. The first, for three novels set in Forbeck’s popular Brave New World RPG setting, is already well under way, with only two days remaining.

This first trilogy features a dystopian setting where superpowered rebels work to take back America from a corrupt government. With themes of liberty versus security and the dangers of absolute power, Brave New World is a series that will appeal to superhero comic book fans and techno-thriller afficianados alike. Check out the Kickstarter trailer below for more info:

Brave New World RPGBrave New World RPGAs of yesterday, Forbeck raised the $8,000 necessary to unlock the second book in the series, but he need $15,000 in order to write the third and final installment. He has a few really great “stretch” goals, too:

  • At $10k, he’s sending a full-color, 11″x17″ electronic map of Crescent City, the main setting from Brave New World, to every backer.
  • At $12k, Forbeck is giving everyone a free ebook edition of “Goblintown Justice,” a short story set in the world of his second 12 for ’12 trilogy, Shotguns & Sorcery.
  • At $15k, the third book in the Brave New World series is unlocked.

For as little as $5, you can help out this great independent publishing project and get a really fun book to boot. Head on over to Forbeck’s 12 for ’12 Kickstarter project and consider backing it.

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